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“Focused,” “determined” and “fair” are all words frequently used to describe Wayne Melton’s character.

Buying a home has consistently ranked as one of the three most stressful processes for a person to go through in their life. With Wayne’s extensive education and his calm and methodical approach to solving problems, those he helps are gently guided from Point A to Point B until they reach the location they desire.

While having acquired his Real Estate License over 13 years ago, Wayne successfully combined his love of geography with a business commitment to Scottsdale and its Residents. He has been a local firefighter for over 20 years, so he knows the North Scottsdale streets like the back of his hand!

Not only being raised in a lineage of Real Estate Professionals, Wayne also married into a family rich with local Real Estate knowledge and reputation, further strengthening the resources he offers his clients. With a love of water and the  woods you’ll find Wayne spending his free time camping or at a beach with his wife Shawna of 15 years, and their 2 sons!

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