When & Where To Watch The Leaves Change Colors This Fall In Arizona

Three Weeks In October 2022 For The Best Viewing

Are you a “leafer”; someone who travels to see the most colored leaves that you can? Reds, yellow and orange hues replace the once-green wind-wavers as winter comes to the Arizona highlands.
Autumn Awesome | Week of October 9th through 15th
Primary Viewing: Top sites for fall colors will be in the central portion of our states high-desert region, such as the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff and the surrounding area. Also, the White Mountains towards the east border of our state. Secondary Viewing: Northern edges of our state will be getting there but not ready yet. What you’ll see: The area is known for plenty of pine and fir trees, and also hosts Gambel oaks, which turn a brilliant yellow-orange sunburst, and aspens which offer translucent greens that turn into brilliant yellows.
Autumn Awesome | Week of October 16th through the 22nd
Primary Viewing: As statewide temperatures continue to cool, areas like Sedona and Cottonwood lower on the map will begin to be filled with a variety of brightly colored plant palettes this week. Oak Creek Canyon is a must to see! Secondary Viewing: Ash Fork, Winslow and Holbrook will follow shortly. What you’ll see: Oak Creek is home to the maples and oak trees normally associated with the East Coast.
Autumn Awesome | Week of October 23rd through the 29th
Primary Viewing: Areas like Prescott, Show Low and Payson will be in full colored-spectrum this week. Check out Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park. Secondary Viewing: Tough to say, by this week of the month most of the leaves will have completed their autumnal transformation. What you’ll see: Leaves from honey locust, pomegranate, and soapberry trees offer light yellow to deep copper and golden tones before they shed, while the Arizona sycamore tends to reach a yellow-red, the cottonwood a bright yellow, and the walnuts can reach a dark red.

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